Rocket Irish Red

With its smooth, toasty flavor, hints of caramel and rye, and crisp dry finish, this malt-forward session beer is great for celebrating the Irish in us all, while keeping the sloppy leprechaun at bay.
4.5% ABV | 18 IBUs



Francis Scott Key famously saw the American flag flying over Fort McHenry amid the “rockets’ red glare” and “bombs bursting in air.” He wasn’t being metaphoric. The rockets were British missiles called Congreves and looked a bit like giant bottle rockets. Congreves were inaccurate but intimidating, an 1814 version of “shock and awe.” The “bombs bursting in air” were 200 pound cannonballs, designed to explode above their target. The British fired about 1500 bombs and rockets at Fort McHenry from ships in Baltimore Harbor and only succeeded in killing four of the fort’s defenders.


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